3kVA Electrical Limiting Unit

A range of extra safety isolation transformers that offer extended protection for areas of extreme risk of electric shock.
Ideal for schools, collages and public areas where there is a high risk to children and general public coming into contact with electrical distribution.

The transformers are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 61558
The Electrical Limiting units are floor or wall mounted and have the following key features

240v primary input protected by a double pole type d MCB
230v output protected by a 1.25mA RCD
Output protected by double pole mcb’s
center tapped secondary to reduce shock voltage to 115v maximum
Shock current limited to 10mA via a resistor fitted between ct and earth
High efficiency design, reduced inrush, low temperature rise, low noise and vibration
Optional fitting of circuitry of external emergency stop buttons
Optional fitting of a key operated control of output
Window to protect MCB and RCD
Mesh fitted behind vents to protect against insertion of forign material
Robust steel enclosure for wall or floor mounting
Available in sizes from 1kva to 10kva

Available units
Wall mount Electrical Limiting Units

JMSWELU/3                  3kva 230/240/250v input        230v cte output        1 x 16a output mcb
JMSWELU/3/C2-10        3kva 230/240/250v input        230v cte output        2 x 10a output mcb
JMSWELU/3/C3-10        3kva 230/240/250v input        230v cte output        3 x 16a output mcb

All units can be altered to meet your individual requirements. Please just let us know what you need, and it will be done

Weight 35 kg