100va UK-US Converter

Chooses from a full range of voltage converters that will allow you to use American equipment in the UK.
The range starts at 50va and goes up to 3kVA.
If you need anything bigger, then please just ask. We can make it for you in days not weeks

100VA 240V- 120V enclosed auto transformer

The converter has a UK domestic plug fitted to a 1.4 meter cable, that you simply plug in to your wall socket.
The plug is protected with a 3A fuse, and the output socket is protected with a 1A fuse
The output is via a US 3 pin socket. This socket will allow you to plug in both the 2 pin plug or 3 pin plug.

The discrete size of the converter allows it to neatly sit on desk tops, kitchen work tops and office desks, as well as invisibly hiding away behind TV’s, DVD’s and CD players

Dimensions are 93mm diameter x 110mm tall

Weight 15 kg